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Choosing The Right Pad To Go Under Your Carpet

Choosing the right pad to go under your carpet can make all of the difference in how much or how little you enjoy the carpet. Here are 3 things you should know about carpet pads before getting new carpet.


First, the density of your carpet pad matters. A standard pad is just three pounds in density and is fairly flat to walk on. You know that you are walking on carpet that has a three pound pad when it feels like there is almost no padding underneath it.

You might as well choose tile or vinyl if you get this thin pad because the support will feel about the same on your back and knees.

If you can afford to, choose a higher density pad, such as a seven or eight pound pad that will give your carpet more cushion. When you stand on carpet that has a thicker pad, your knees and back should not ache as much or as quickly because there is more support for your body. 

Memory Foam

Next, consider getting a memory foam pad for extra comfort. If you want a memory foam pad, you may need to do an eight pound pad with the memory foam on top. The reason behind this is that you still need a pad to absorb moisture that may leak into the carpet, and memory foam will not do a good job preventing it from leaking onto your foundation.

That is why you need to put the high density pad down first, and then you can put the memory foam down on top of it. When you walk on this type of flooring, you will feel your feet kind of sink and form to the flooring a little. You may even feel like you are walking on a slightly springy floor, which can be excellent for knee and back problems.

Waterproof Pads

Lastly, if you have pets, then a waterproof pad is essential because accidents happen. Many people with young children select these pads as well because children spill drinks, have accidents, and let wet things sit on the floor that can soak through the carpet.

Waterproof pads are usually placed on top of regular pads just as memory foam is. The waterproofing will prevent leaks and spills from absorbing and remaining in your pads, which can also prevent the chance of mold and mildew formation.

These are 3 excellent factors to consider when you are choosing the type of pad that you need for your carpet. While some are more expensive than others, the added cost can be well worth it if you are more comfortable on your carpet. contact a company like Cloud Carpet One Floor & Home for more information.