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Corporate Moving Tips For A Growing Business

As a human resources professional in a mid-sized business, you're tasked with handling the administrative communications of dozens of employees. Recently you've been asked to coordinate the relocation of employees as well. Your workload has essentially doubled, and you can use all the help you can get. This is especially true considering your employer only recently started expanding. 

Join the club. U.S. employers spend upwards of $15 million each year on relocating employees based on 2012 data published in 2013.  

Choosing the right corporate movers can bring you the relief you need, especially if you're relocating an employee to a city or state you've never even been to. Here are some issues to expect when coordinating a move and ways the right corporate-moving service can help.

Know Your Employees

Not every moving company provides the same level of service. Some will tack on fees for large items, such as exercise equipment, that must be handled. Consider that your employee may own a collector's vehicle that must be relocated as well. By getting to know the individual who is making the move, you will ask better questions of potential moving companies.  

Know the Rules

Make sure you're working with a moving company that can be your eyes and ears in a city you've never visited before. Otherwise you might schedule a move on a day that local ordinances don't support.

For instance, if you're scheduling a move to a new city, there might be parking restrictions in place that make it impossible for movers to position a truck close to the new residence. Hiring a moving company with experience in a particular region or that has industry contacts in a city can help you avoid these embarrassing situations.    

Develop a Policy

Once you've identified the best movers for your needs in various regions, develop a policy that will streamline the relocation process going forward. For instance, determine whether your will provide a lump-sum amount to the individual who is being relocated or if those expenses will be reimbursed following the move. You could provide a combination of both options. 

Create protocols for the specific moving package you can afford based on a specific employee's job description and salary.The more valuable an employee is to the organization, the higher the service level they should receive. For instance, a high-value executive would receive moving and packing services. Meanwhile, someone who is only beginning to increase their rank would have to pack their own items or pay for the packing feature out of pocket.     


Hiring the right corporate movers might not cut down on the number of emails your department receives daily or the amount of documents you've got to distribute. However, it will give you and other employees confidence during a time when there are sure to be other uncertainties to face.  

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