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4 Reasons You May Want To Hire Your Own Janitorial Services

Does your company's building already come with a janitorial service in place? Many large office buildings do -- but there are some advantages to having your own janitorial service on staff rather than relying upon the office building's hired staff.

1. You Can Control Your Security

By far one of the best reasons to hire your own janitorial service is to control your security. Janitorial services often come in during the off hours while no one else is in the office. Moreover, they have access to nearly everything. If you didn't hire your janitorial service, you have no idea whether they passed the proper background checks or reference queries. With your own personal service, you can select a janitorial company that has positive reviews and background checks on all of its employees.

2. You Aren't On Anyone Else's Schedule

Most buildings have set times and days for their janitorial services, but what if that doesn't mesh well with your company? If you're on a top floor, you might find that the janitorial service interrupts your business just prior to closing; if you're on a bottom floor, you may find that the janitorial service never seems to get to you before you leave, so you can't ask them any questions. With your own personal service, you can schedule them when it's most convenient to you.

3. You Can Provide Your Own Instructions

Are there certain plants that you need watered every week? Specific areas that need to be organized? If you're reliant on your building's janitorial services, they usually won't take most special requests; they're already under directions to perform specific tasks, such as simply emptying the trash cans. Following any specific instructions that you have will take time away from other tenants. 

4. You Can Manage Your Own Costs

Most buildings fold their janitorial fees into the cost of your maintenance -- but this also means that they may not be getting the best possible rates. After all, they aren't the ones who have to pay it. By hiring your own service, you can negotiate the cost that is best for your business. You can also get quotes from multiple companies to ensure that you've acquired the most affordable solution.

If you intend to hire your own janitorial services, don't forget that you should discuss it with your office building first. You may be able to get a discount in your maintenance fees if you will not be availing yourself of their janitorial company. For more information, contact a business such as Performance Plus.