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Starting A New Business? See How Storage Units Can Help Control Expensive Overhead Costs!

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, nothing is more intoxicating than turning a great idea into a successful new business venture. Unfortunately, in addition to coming up with a great idea, entrepreneurs must also come up with enough space to put the idea into action.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the cost of leasing commercial property is one of the largest expenses that both new and existing businesses currently face. If you are starting a new business and would like to invest available funds into actually growing the business instead of paying for a large property lease, then using a storage unit can help.

Service Businesses

Leasing a commercial location is not always the best idea for businesses who seek to provide a service to customers and clients, especially when the business is just starting out. Carpet cleaners, tile installers and other home repair and maintenance businesses usually perform their service at the customer's location.

For this type of business venture and any others who will not routinely need to service customers at a stationary commercial business location, choosing to use a reputable storage unit to house necessary materials and supplies can represent huge savings over the cost of a traditional commercial lease. To make using a storage unit for warehousing supplies even more beneficial, business owners should choose a storage facility that offers good lighting, security and has a central location within the geographical area the business serves.    

Shipping Businesses

Another type of entrepreneurial business venture that is well suited to use a storage unit instead of an actual business location is any business that involves stocking merchandise to ship to clients who purchase it over the Internet. These can range from businesses who resell popular used clothing items and baby supplies, to rare books, vintage items or collectibles, as well as any that stock new merchandise to sell to their customer base.

While many of these businesses start out by storing their merchandise in their home garages or basements, these spaces are quickly outgrown as the businesses become more successful. Clean, climate-controlled storage units can be a great option for storing nearly any type of merchandise for this type of business venture.

To make using a storage unit even more efficient, a business owner should consider using labeled tubs or boxes and portable shelving to create an organized storage system around the perimeter of the unit, while remembering to keep a walkway down the middle of the unit to allow easy access to all the stored items.

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