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3 Advantages For Starting A Sponsorship Program At Your Company

Sponsorship programs in the corporate world are essentially programs that allow senior executives and other people who have been with the company for an extended period of time to suggest people that also work in the company for different positions, such as project leader, or for promotions. There is also a mentorship program in place to allow management to talk to new recruits and identify those that have potential. There are several advantages that are associated with starting a sponsorship program in your company.

1. They Can Help Encourage Diversity

In some fields, women or minorities are underrepresented because they leave the field due to difficulties with office culture or other problems. One way to retain this talent is to increase the amount of support that these people experience. Sponsorship programs are able to provide this type of support to underrepresented groups of people by setting up a formal system that allows people who have worked with the company for a long time to mentor people who have just joined the company and might not find the transition the easiest.

In order for a sponsorship program to work, you will need to make sure that the people who are nominating others for different roles in thee company actually know the people that they are nominating. Having a formal mentor/mentee system worked out can help everyone, especially groups that are underrepresented in the company succeed. This will increase the chances that you will retain employees who give your company diversity for a longer period of time and that they will make it to upper level positions.

2. They Can Help Foster Ideas

Another advantage is that a sponsorship program is able to connect younger people who have just been hired onto the company communicate their ideas to people who have more clout in company politics. If a new hire has an idea that could save the company a lot of money, having a sponsorship program in place will allow this person to take his or her idea to his or her mentor and allow it to get the exposure that it needs.

3. They Can Make Your Company More Effective

Finally, sponsorship programs can make your company more effective by allowing people who know the company's best practices to provide on-the-job training and advice to people who are not as familiar with the company. This can save you a lot of money on training, as well as allow you to feel secure knowing that all of your employees know how to function well within the company.

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