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Two Tips for Preparing Your Items to Go into a Storage Unit

Storage units are an efficient way of safely storing possessions you do not regularly need without taking up a lot of space in your home. However, people that have never rented one of these spaces may not be familiar with them, and this can cause them to make some errors which may expose their items to a higher risk of damage while they are in storage. By making sure that you follow these two tips when preparing your items for storage, you should be able to greatly reduce the chances your possessions encounter problems, and this is especially true if you will be placing these items in storage for an extended period of time. 

Staple Your Boxes Along Any Seams

Cardboard boxes are among the most commonly used for packing and loading a storage unit, but many people fail to realize the intense heat and humidity changes will cause the adhesive that holds these boxes together to start to come apart. 

Luckily, you can use industrial-strength staples to help eliminate this problem. These staples are extremely heavy and durable, which makes them ideal for helping your boxes stay intact during the intense weather changes they experience. 

Apply a Fresh Layer of Finish to Your Furniture before Storing It

Wood furniture can suffer a host of different types of damage if it is not properly prepared before storage. A particularly common problem that you will encounter is wood that has become excessively dry. While this may not seem like a major problem, it can actually pose a dire threat to the furniture. Excessive drying can cause the wood in the furniture to split or crack, which can lead to noticeable cosmetic and structural issues for the piece of furniture. 

Fortunately, you can help reduce the chances of this problem occurring by simply apply a new coat of finish to these possession prior to placing them in the storage unit. The layer of finish will help to moisturize the wood in the furniture while also forming a protective layer against minor scratches. 

Renting a storage unit may be your best option for freeing up space in your home or office, but if you have never prepared items to go in these units, you may not realize some of the problems that can be encountered. By understanding the benefits of stapling your cardboard boxes along the seams and applying a layer of finish to the furniture before putting it into storage, you will be better able to ensure that your experience with these services goes as smoothly as possible. Find a storage unit service near you, such as K&L LLC Mini Storage, to get started.