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5 Common Summer Plumbing Issues

The summer is not just a time for barbecues and picnics; it is also a time when several plumbing problems can occur. While you are doing all these extra activities outdoors, your plumbing system may endure a lot of wear and tear. It is important to be careful with your plumbing system to avoid costly repairs. Here are five common summer plumbing issues.

Sewer Clogs

Heavy rainfall is common in the spring and summer months, especially in humid areas of the country. When rainwater sneaks into your sewer pipes through tiny cracks, it can lead to clogs. That is why it is a good idea to have your sewers serviced by a professional before summer hits.

Clogged Toilets

When your kids are home for the summer, they will use the toilet more often, increasing the risk of clogs. To avoid toilet issues, remind your kids to not throw anything in the toilet except toilet paper. If you think your kids will not remember, consider putting up signs in the bathroom reminding them of what can't get thrown in the toilet. Also, tell your kids to not flush more than a few pieces of toilet paper at a time.

Garbage Disposal Problems

With all the cookouts and kids eating at home more, your garbage disposal will get used a lot more in the summer, increasing the risk of clogs. One of the best ways to minimize the risk of clogs is to avoid throwing starchy foods, fibrous vegetables and hard fruits down the disposal. Also, remember to run hot water through the disposal after you get done using it.

Sprinkler Leaks

A sprinkler system will keep your lawn green and beautiful, but using it very frequently can result in wear and tear. If you use your sprinkler several times a week, it can cause leaks, resulting in high water bills. Remember to inspect your sprinkler system for leaks every week. If you detect a leak, call a plumber immediately.

Washing Machine Hose Leaks

Your kids will be running around a lot and more likely to get dirty in the summer, so the washing machine will have to work overtime. To prevent issues, inspect your washing machine hoses for leaks periodically. If you do detect a leak, replace the hose as soon as possible.

If you experience any of these common summer plumbing problems, do not wait to call an experienced plumber, like Clearwater Plumbing.