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How To Make Your Company Christmas Party Kid-Friendly

If your company is like many, you might be planning on hosting a company Christmas party for your employees and their loved ones to enjoy. However, you might not have prepared yourself for one thing -- employees asking if they can bring their kids.

Many employees might not be able to attend if they don't have childcare, however, and bringing the kids along is a great way for your company's employees to really get to know one another and their families. These are a few ways that you can make your employee Christmas party a little more kid-friendly.

Host it at the Office

You might have thought about having the employee Christmas party at a nice restaurant somewhere, but a better option can be to host it at the office. Then, you won't have to worry about the surroundings not being kid-friendly -- instead, you can clear out a space to ensure that it's as kid-friendly as possible. Plus, you'll save money on venue rental fees.

Come Up With Activities for the Kids

Consider offering activities for the kids to enjoy while the adults are all mingling. Renting an inflatable bounce house from a party rental store like Area Rent-Alls Equip Rental can be a good idea if the weather is permitting, or you can come up with fun games for the kids to play.

Keep the Menu Kid-Friendly

There are lots of foods that you and your employees are sure to enjoy but that will go over well with the kids. Consider serving finger foods, for example, like chicken tenders, fresh-cut carrots and celery, fresh-cut fruit, meatballs or cocktail weiners, slider sandwiches and other similar foods. The adults are sure to enjoy them, and you won't have to worry about preparing anything separate for the kids. Plus, the portion sizes will be perfect for both kids and adults who are watching what they eat.

Offer Gift Bags

Instead of giving out large gifts to employees, consider offering small gift bags for everyone. For adults, you can offer small gift cards and candy. For the kids, you can include candy, small holiday-themed pencils or toys and other similar items. Everyone is sure to be pleased, and the kids won't feel like they left without anything.

As you can see, there are a few simple tweaks that you can make to make your company Christmas party a bit more kid-friendly. Follow these tips, and everyone is sure to have a good time.