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3 Reasons Used Office Furniture Is A Good Choice For New Companies

If you are opening a business and furnishing your first office space, you may be tempted to hire a design consultant, utilize the latest trends, and purchase expensive, new office furniture for your employees. After all, the quality and creativity of your office design can make a statement to your employees and your clients that your business is a serious venture. Before you spend thousands of dollars on your office furniture, you should consider these reasons to buy used furniture for your company's first office. 

Current Design Trends Favor Task-based Solutions 

Historically, offices followed hierarchical design. This means that the higher an employee was in a company, the larger and more private space they were awarded. Modern offices tend to focus on task-based design. This means utilizing your space to make the tasks completed most often more comfortable. This may mean bigger conference rooms or a lack of conference rooms altogether. It may mean adding a noise-canceling alcove to your main office space or utilizing plug-and-work standing work-stations for employees that are always on the go.

As a new company, it is important to track the types of tasks that your employees do for a period of time before investing in new furniture. For that period, you can try out a few types of lightly used furniture to see what maximizes comfort and efficiency.  

You Do Not Have a Full Understanding of Your Employees' Work Styles

While you may have certain preferences for your work space, the likelihood that all of your employees will share your preferences is not very high. You may find that you like a modern look while your employees would be more comfortable in a traditional office space. It will be more cost-effective to purchase used office furniture during your hiring period. After you have a solid group of employees, you can hire a design consultant or take an informal office poll to decide what types of furniture are working well for the employees and what might need to be redesigned. 

You Can Spend Your Startup Capital In Other Ways 

As a new business, you will likely run into unexpected financial situations. By being frugal with your office furniture and buying used, you can keep more of your initial assets liquid to deal with these emergencies. 

Used office furniture offers many choices, including modern styles that have only been used for a short period of time. You can save your company money and take the time to learn what type of furniture will be most efficient for your employees by purchasing used furniture for the first few months or a year. Check out a company like Boss Office Products Inc to see your options for office furniture.