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Deciding When To Repair Or Replace Your Office Printer

Are you the owner of manager of a business? Are you in charge of purchasing various office supplies? If your printer's been acting up lately, you're probably wondering if it's time to just buy a new one. Since purchasing can be a significant amount of your office supply budget, here are some things to consider:

Type of printer: Does your office use laser printers or inkjet? Inkjet printers typically have few moving parts. Unfortunately, this can make printer repair difficult when they start to break down. If the paper feed gets jammed due to rollers that have worn unevenly, there may be no way to replace the rollers. Laser printers, on the other hand, have a relatively large number of removable parts. This makes it much easier to replace pieces that become worn out or damaged through daily use. If your office currently uses inkjet printers, you should consider upgrading to laser printers that can be repaired more easily.

Age of printer: When a printer is still only a few years old, it is easier to find parts than as it ages. If it's difficult to order replacement toner cartridges for your laser printer, it may be time for a new printer. When the toner is difficult to find, the printer repair technician may have a hard time finding replacement parts. On the other hand, common toner cartridges make it more likely that they will have an easy time finding the proper parts to effect repairs. Make sure to contact several printer repair shops before making any decisions as to whether it makes more sense to repair or replace.

Workflow interruption: After you purchase a new model of printer, it can take some time for it to be installed and for your employees to get used to using it. Your employees' efficiency can drop as they try to figure out how to get documents to print out in the same way that they were before. But when you keep the same printer, you don't have to worry about that. There will, of course, be a brief interruption while the printer repair takes place, but that is all. You won't have to worry about your IT department needing to install new network printer drivers or people trying to figure out why their documents don't look quite the same on the new printer. Since time is money in business, you undoubtedly want the easiest and most expedient solution to your printer woes.

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