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Launching An Indie Film Production Company: Tips To Save You Money

If you have ambitions to become an independent filmmaker and producer, you may be in the process of setting up and launching your own indie film production company. However, one of the many factors that go into making indie films is having a limited budget to work with. In order to save money on your film projects and give your production company a chance at growth and success, you will need to get to know some of the ways that you can save yourself money on your projects. Then, you will be making movies and showing them to art-house audiences before you know it.

Get Friends To Help You Out On Set

Many of your friends and family members will be delighted to try to help you out on your early film projects for your production company. Having these people in your life help out as crew or even as cast members and extras on the sets of your films can save you a great deal of money over hiring staff to do the work. While this is not a method that can be put to use indefinitely, it is a definite way to help you launch your business.

Use Fake TVs And Other Inexpensive Props

Big budget films produced by major studios with product endorsement deals can afford all of the highest tech televisions, cell phones, and designer decor and furniture for the sets of their films. However, indie films, especially when you are trying to launch your production company, cannot afford such luxuries.

Instead consider using special props to help you achieve a desired set look or effect. For example, if you want to film a scene in a living room but do not have all of the furniture and electronics that would normally be found in a living room, you can purchase or rent inexpensive prop items.

TV props are one such example as having a real television in the shot may be expensive, not to mention the lights from your camera could reflect off of the screen, ruining your shots. The more creative you can get with the props on your sets, the more money you can save.

Learn All Of The Jobs On And Off Set Yourself

As an indie film producer and filmmaker, you will want to save money by working with a minimal crew and support staff. In order to do this successfully, you should learn to do the basics of all of the jobs on set and off set yourself.

For example, if someone's costume is damaged, you will want to know how to mend a basic rip or fix a hem so that you can quickly get back to filming. You will want to know the basics of editing, soundtracking, camera work, boom operations, and lighting as well (along with a slew of other equally important tasks). The more you can do yourself, the less assistance you will need and the more money you can save to put back into the business for future projects.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can save money when launching an indie film production company, you can get started and make sure that your indie film company is a successful one.