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Protecting Your Favorite Guns From Theft Or Damage

There are a variety of ways to protect your guns from being damaged or stolen. Which ones you choose depend on your budget and the level of protection you want for your guns. From least to most expensive, here are your choices of gun cases, cabinets and safes.

Soft Gun Cases

These cases provide some protection from damage but do not prevent theft. This the least expensive option, although cases do come in a variety of exotic materials that can be expensive. When buying a gun case, purchase the smallest size necessary to store your gun to limit shifting of the gun in the case. Look for cases that include a foam lining to further cushion your gun against bumps and scratches.

Metal Gun Cases

More expensive than the soft cases, metal cases protect your gun from damage and offer some protection against theft. A lock on a metal case will slow down a thief that doesn't want to take the entire case with them. Some cases have an option to be mounted in your car or truck, making theft more difficult. While these cases do deter a would-be thief, a persistent thief prepared with a hammer and pry bar can easily get into these cases.

Steel Gun Cabinets

For additional protection from theft, a more expensive option is the reinforced steel cabinet. These come with hardened steel locks that resist being broken. The cabinet can be permanently mounted on a wall or on the floor of your home. They can include foam cutouts to hold your weapons securely in the cabinet. The cabinet can also be air tight to prevent smoke or heat damage to your guns during a fire.

For the best protection when using a steel gun cabinet, have it mounted in a recessed area in a wall so the cabinet cannot be pried away from the wall. Locksmiths, like those at State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc, can show you a variety of advanced locks including digital locks and those with fingerprint recognition.

Gun Safes

If protection from theft is your primary concern and money is no obstacle, the most reliable and expensive option is the gun safe. Like a bank safe with heavy doors and impenetrable locks, these safes give you the piece of mind that your weapons are safe from being stolen.

You can choose a gun safe that is free standing in your home or office. These safes are heavy and difficult for a number of people to move. For added security, the safe can be mounted to the floor with heavy, hardened steel bolts. You can also choose to have the safe built into the wall, preventing any attempts at moving it. It can be hidden behind a painting, wall hanging or false wall panel for added protection.