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Creating An Upscale Look For Your Boutique: Exterior Decorating Options To Help You Stand Out

Boutiques that sell designer clothing, jewelry or furnishings can help to set customer expectations with the right signage and decor on the exterior of their businesses. With a few touches, you can create the upscale look you want to project for your business. Here are just a few options to consider.

Window Awnings

Window awnings can dress up the windows for your business and make a bold style statement. For a building with some vintage appeal, opt for dome-shaped awnings that blend with the original architecture. Newer buildings can look great with modern spearhead-style awnings that provide a modern look, and country or cottage-style boutiques look beautiful with the addition of standard awnings with valances at the end. Look for a color that coordinates with your company's branding, and consider adding your business name to the awnings for added impact.

Exterior Hanging Signs

Hanging signs bring a bit of elegant old-world charm to your building. These typically hang from wrought iron sign holders, which can be simple or feature elaborate scrollwork. The signs hang over the sidewalk area in front of your business, making it easy for people walking by to see your boutique's name. Your actual sign can be customized to match your branding and your line of business. Consider a wood-finished sign with stenciled lettering for a boutique bakery, or opt for gold lettering on a black background for an antique store or jewelry store.

Sidewalk Sandwich Boards

Sidewalk sandwich boards help to create a call to action for people walking by. Some of these signs feature plexiglass sign holders, so you switch out your signage for each promotion. You can also opt for chalkboard signs, which can offer a more personal touch. You can change the message on your chalkboard sign throughout the day, and you don't have to spend additional money having signs printed.

Window Stenciling

Having your business name stenciled on the front window and door can help customers to remember your boutique name, and it can make your business easier to find for people walking through the neighborhood. Be sure to use a color that is easy to see and that matches your branding. You may also want to consider having your business logo added to the windows for a handsome finishing touch.

Giving your boutique the right look on the outside can make it more inviting and attractive to shoppers passing by. Put these ideas to use in your business to create the upscale appearance that is right for your brand.