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Key Elements Of A Bouncy Obstacle Course

When you're looking for a bounce house rental for your children to enjoy with their friends, there are all sorts of options to consider. While a simple enclosed space in which the children can bounce will produce many hours of fun, you may also want to consider a different type of structure. Some bounce houses are designed as obstacle courses, which give children the opportunity to compete against one another. The kids will enjoy dividing themselves into teams and having relay races through the structure. If an inflatable obstacle course appeals to you, look for one that has these elements.

Climbing Wall

A lot of bounce obstacle courses have at least one climbing wall that players must scale as they go through the course. The wall may be vertical or sloped, and it will feature a variety of footholds and other elements that will allow the children to climb it. Children will have fun attempting to get up the wall as quickly as possible because they don't have to worry about falling. Should a child slip off the wall, they'll land on an inflatable surface and can quickly try again.


It's also ideal if you choose an inflatable obstacle course that has either one large slide or a pair of slides that each competitor can slide down. You'll see a variety of different layouts where slides are concerned. Some courses have inflatable slides immediately after their climbing walls, while others have slides at the very end of the course.


Look for an obstacle course that features a tunnel section. This element requires children to be nimble. For example, they'll need to quickly get down on their knees and crawl through their tunnel before getting back to their feet and making their way to the next section of the obstacle course. Tunnels can have different diameters, so be sure to choose one that will be suitable based on the age and size of the children who will be participating.

Ball Pit

You'll also find some bouncy obstacle courses that include either one large ball pit or a pair of smaller ball pits for the participants to navigate. This element, which features a large quantity of plastic or foam balls in a recessed area, can appear in several different spots along the obstacle course route and will be a favorite of the children. They'll have to jump off a ledge, land in the pit, and then make their way through it before climbing out the other end. Contact a local inflatable structure rental company to learn more.