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Workers For Short-Term Engagements

Short-term engagements that will require a larger workforce may not constitute hiring permanent employees. You can acquire extra help through a temp agency. The use of a temp agency will provide you with skilled workers, without needing to fill out hiring packets or handle other types of paperwork associated with taking on new workers at your place of business.

No Commitment Or Guilt

If you were to hire people on your own, you may wind up feeling committed to keeping them supplied with plenty of work. There are many reasons why hiring someone on a permanent basis won't be logical. For instance, you may be taking on a 'one-time' project that will require more help for a week or two. You may also be backed up on orders and need some additional help in your warehouse, but be fairly certain that this won't be a necessity for the unforeseeable future.

Situations like this may lead you to seek temp workers. When you decide to contract a group of temp workers, you do not need to hold any guilt when it is time for the new workers' positions to end. Temp workers are briefed ahead of time and are aware that their services will only be needed for a short while.

No Onboarding Requirements

You will be responsible for consulting with the new temp workers you hire and acclimating them to your place of business. You will also need to be certain that each temp worker is confident about the job duties that they will be performing. Standard onboarding procedures, including reviewing job applications and providing the workers with details about their pay, will not be your responsibility.

A temporary employment agency handles all of the normal procedures that you are typically responsible for when hiring permanent workers. A temp agency representative will consult with you when you would like to acquire new temp workers. They will need to know what type of business you operate and the job skills and duties that the new workers will be responsible for. You will need to pay the temp agency directly. This pay will cover the wages of the temporary workers.

The temporary workers who will be assisting you at your place of business will essentially be working for the temp agency. The agency — such as One Source Staffing Inc — will select a group of workers who will be a good fit for the positions that you need to fill. The temp workers will be paid through the temp agency.