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How To Use Self Storage To Organize Your Home

Are you running out of room at home? Are you tired of how cluttered everything is starting to look? A self storage unit is the perfect way to organize your home without having to sell your most precious belongings. Use the following tips to make sure that your stored items will be easy to use when you want them:

Create a master list: Write down everything you're going to put into storage. Prioritize them so that you can access frequently used items without having to move seldom-used boxes. For example, if you're taking guitar lessons, make sure your guitar is right up front, instead of being buried behind your snow skis. Also make sure that your master plan groups everything by weight, so that boxes of fragile glass items don't end up under your set of vintage encyclopedias.  

Measure everything: Knowing how much room you'll need will allow you to create enough floor space so you can move around the storage unit easily during your visits. Get out your measuring tape and write down the dimensions of everything that's going into self storage. If possible, have a second person measure everything at a different time so that you're sure that the dimensions are correct. Sketch out a floor plan for everything, or cut out scaled-down versions of your items and use graph paper to map out where everything will go. 

Plan for unexpected weather: Self-storage units are built to withstand bad weather, but you should also be ready for disastrous storms. If you're using cardboard boxes for storage, prepare for catastrophic flooding by using discarded wooden pallets to hold the boxes up off the floor. If you live in a hurricane or tornado area, consider storing everything in watertight plastic tubs and drums. If you're storing mattresses or other large furniture, wrap them in several layers of trash bags, taping down the ends securely. 

Take pictures: If you're going to be taking things out of your self storage unit frequently, photographs will help you keep track of what goes where. You can take take out your folding tables and extra flatware for a family reunion, then refer to your photographs to remember where to put them back in storage. It can also help you avoid owning duplicate items. For example, if you're planning on adding to your summer patio furniture, photographs will ensure that you aren't buying an unwanted duplicate.

Protect against vermin: A self storage company like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage will give you a unit that's clean and ready to use, but you need to remember that it's not airtight. Your new neighbors' possessions could include bugs that might migrate from their unit to yours, making your possessions worthless and unusable.  Before you move anything in, treat your unit with your preferred bug killer. Make sure to rotate out any expired insect traps placed between your boxes to prevent a future infestation.