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Spring Water - At Your Service

The human body is made up of roughly 70% water, the most vital resource to life. Proper hydration is key to maintain the smooth functioning of all the systems in the body. Many people think of hydration as simply drinking plenty of water, without realizing that the type of water matters almost as much as the quantity.

Depending on your geographic region, your tap water can contain contaminants such as copper, lead, bacteria, or other toxins from its journey through the pipes. For optimal health, water filtration is a basic step to cleansing the water you drink. An even better route is to drink spring water, or fresh, unprocessed water that comes from an underground aquifer. This pure water is free from the contaminants of tap water and instead contains beneficial minerals. As spring water filters through underground rock formations, it gains minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These minerals are essential for healthy operation at the cellular level and significantly benefit the immune system. Spring water helps the body release oxygen better to improve metabolism and promote healing. It can even play a role in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Another consideration for beverages is the level of hydrogen ion in the solution, more commonly known as pH level. The number 7 represents a neutral pH, where lower numbers are "acidic" and higher numbers are "basic." Juice, coffee, and sodas are all in the acidic range. Natural spring water is at or very close to a neutral 7, and therefore helps balance pH level in the body. The human body prefers to hover around a blood pH of 7.4, making natural spring water an ideal choice for homeostasis.

Besides the health benefits of drinking water, the taste is clean and refreshing. Spring water has a crisp, fresh taste from the minerals and lack of contaminants. Many people prefer the taste of spring water to regular filtered water.

Health experts recommend drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day to maintain optimum health. Exercise and high temperatures increase this amount by several ounces. That's quite a lot of water! One way to ensure you get plenty of water is to order bottled spring water to be delivered to your home. With home delivery, you'll always have an adequate supply to stay hydrated without lugging bottled water home from the store or dealing with filtration systems. Home delivery systems can be modified to fit your schedule and desired amounts. For a constant supply of drinking water "the way nature intended it," home delivery of bottled spring water is a convenient and healthful option.

For more information about bottled spring water, home delivery, or other options, contact a local company.