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Being Prepared For A Major Disaster Or Emergency

During a major emergency, you may find that your ability to get food and water from traditional sources is severely curtailed or even completely blocked. This can create a dire situation, but it is possible to protect yourself from this situation by taking some proactive steps that will keep you supplied with these essential resources.

Invest In Dehydrated And Freeze Dried Meats

Canned vegetables can be an excellent food to store as it will be able to be kept in good condition for years. However, vegetables are extremely low-calorie foods, and this can make it harder for you to get enough energy from eating vegetables. Meat can be a tasty source of protein and a large number of calories. Luckily, there are freeze-dried meat options that will allow you to effectively store a large amount of food for very long periods of time. A supply of 12 emergency freeze dried meat buckets will ensure that you have access to the nutrients and calories that you may need in an emergency situation.

Store The Food Where It Is Safe From Flooding And Pests

Individuals that have invested in storing food for emergency situations can face a devastating loss if these stores are damaged or otherwise ruined while they are being stored. One of the most common types of damage for stored food can be flooding. Individuals that keep their food stores in basements or underground shelters may find that these areas are particularly prone to flooding. Making sure that any food stores that you purchase as placed in waterproof containers can help to limit the risk of them being ruined as a result of flood damage. Additionally, pests can be another threat to these stores, and you should have the shelter or basement where they are kept periodically treated for mice, ants and other pests.

Provide Yourself With Bottled Water And Purifying Systems

Freeze-dried and dehydrated meats will need to have water applied to them during the preparation process. Unfortunately, a major emergency may put you in a position where there is not a suitable source of water for you, and this can lead to you having to rely on the water that you have stored. When you are preparing water to be stored, you should consider the amount that you will need to drink along with the water that is needed for meal preparation and basic sanitation. In some cases, you may want to invest in a water purifier system so that you are able to treat any available water to help you meet these needs if the disruption lasts for longer than a few days.